With the Intel E5-V3 and HP Gen 9 announcement Moore’s Law is holding true.

Increased CPU performance, increased core count, larger cache, higher memory bandwidth all equate to doing more with less.

More VMs per System and hypervisor, greater power efficiencies, increased measurement and telemetry will put these processors in the heart of the modern datacenter.

ProLiant BladeSystem

Streamline your IT operations with rock-solid reliability, scalability, lower TCO and simplicity of use with HP BladeSystem. HP BladeSystem is a proven platform with a long-term roadmap that will provide investment protection for years to come.  This is a perfect fit for virtualization and private cloud, infrastructure as a service deployments.

HP ProLiant Rack and Tower

With a heritage that dates back to the first X86 servers and now with the advent of Gen9, HP provides the most robust rack and tower offering in the industry. Flexibility in design enables right sizing the solutions to your exact needs. From basic application to mission-critical support Proliant rack servers have the options to support your needs.




HP’s Moonshot System is an innovative design to address specific workloads while delivering optimum performance energy efficiency and density. The 4.3” chassis accommodates 45 discrete cartridges, each containing up to 4 ultra-low power systems on a chip (SoC). The system is tailored for workloads that need to be carried out in parallel on a very large scale such as widely accessed web sites and applications such as hardware desktop infrastructure.

Newly introduced the Apollo 6000 and 8000 series systems address High Performance Computing.

The Apollo 6000 is an air-cooled high density rack level solution targeting scale-out and general purpose HPC applications. This system will support up to 120 x86 servers per rack. This rack-scale solutions brings a lower TCO, higher density, performance and power efficiency than typical rack and blade solutions.

The Apollo 8000 built as a no-compromise HPC solution. Enabled by an innovative water cooled solution it has the highest performance density in the industry.  The system reaches over 250 teraflops per rack with an astounding reduction in energy costs.

Moore’s Law, an observation by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, that the amount of transistors on chips doubled roughly every two years, still holds true today. The most popular interpretation of this law is that processing power doubles every two years.