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Personal Systems Top 10 Reasons to get a Better Business PC Experience*

1.  Get 3x more business done. Everday computing is 3x faster than on a four-year old system.

2.   Great ROI is more affordable than you think. Today‚Äôs thinner, lighter and faster models actually cost less than what you paid for your old ones. And PCs more than 4 years old have 50% m ore problems than new ones.

3.  Reduce PC maintenance cost and downtime. With 33% fewer problems, and fewer lost hours, your employees can be more productive.

4.  New devices for the new business workforce. Get the flexibility to equip your employees with the best device for their job.

5.  Better security for you and your customers. New PCs and tablets with Windows 8 are built for business and engineered for advanced security.


Personal Systems


6.  Maintain broad compatibility with your current tools. Windows 8 Pro seamlessly supports more software technologies that you use now.

7.  New ways to get business done. You have the option to use touch or non-touch systems, plus you will experience faster boot times, longer battery life and less memory usage.

8.  Access all your apps, all your data, all the time. New thin, light mobile PCs and tablets allow you to access all your Office products wherever you are.

9.  Share files and applications more easily. File Explorer has many new options to manage and coy your files 10.  More ways to collaborate and connect with customers. More speed, more apps, more battery, more security, more ways to get work done means more business and more satisfied customers.

*Intel, copyright 2013